Movement Therapy Course

Liat Dror & Nir Ben Gal

Adama Center in Sderot The Center for External Studies and Continuing Education at Sapir Academic College
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Course Description and Objectives

The worldview of the course is that all of us have a body and our body has tremendous information (for example, it knows how to pump blood into all its parts and it knows how to grow hair and digest food – things we do not know) therefore our body also knows how to heal and fix itself when needed, the use of the body’s natural movement as a healing tool includes recognizing the body and familiarizing ourselves with its ability, healing through movements is done through relaxation and quieting our consciousness (meditation) And as a result, we listen to the body, to our movement, and those around us The learning methods are of equal importance and significance to the content being learned, knowing that the way we learn will directly affect the way we act as individuals within the society in which we live. The basis for learning is the human movement. Learning involves exploring the natural movement that exists in each and every one of us, what motivates it, how powerful it is, how it relates to our thoughts, our worldview, and its basic ability to provide us with health, strength, and physical and mental strength. Within this range, the personal choice of each and every one of the students, includes enhancing and empowering movement using the world of art and the desire to deepen the personal experience of quieting the mind and learning the delicate coordination between the mental/physical/emotional/spiritual. A new and deep understanding of breathing, and the awareness of the very refined dose of intermingling, controlling, and letting go for performing without crashing, fatigue, and injuries. And improve the ability to heal through movement.

1. Individual and internal work recognizing the body and the different abilities of each person
2. Training for professionals: teachers/psychologists/artists/social workers/doctors
3. Creating a healthy and healing personal and professional identity
4. Providing additional skills that support and enrich existing work
5. Providing theoretical and personal knowledge and practical experience in healing and learning processes for individuals and groups

Course Day: Sunday
Hours: 09:00 – 17:00
Course opening date: 10/27/2019
Semester vacation: February 2010
Estimated end date: 30/6/2020
The number of hours per year: 224 academic hours, 28 meetings
The classes will take place on Sundays in the following format:
9:00 – 9:30 – self-heating
9:30 – 11:00 Morning class – the movement of consciousness
11:30 – 13:00 Movement – body – mind – experience and processing materials – soft tummy
13:45 – 15:15 Theoretical lesson – The philosophy of movement – The body as a healing tool – Tools for teaching and investigation
15:30 – 17:00 Practice lessons – self-experience – open studio

Movement Therapy Course Topics

Movement Techniques / Natural Movement and Movement Therapies / Consciousness (Movement Meditation)
Body movement – Soft tummy / Improvisation / Working with partner / Coordinative movement,
The philosophy of movement / processes of movement creation / movement of consciousness
Third year practicum (field work). Skills in training and teaching rehabilitation groups.
Combining movement working with different populations.

Location: Movement center Sderot, Adama

The Adama Center, under the direction of Liat Dror and Nir Ben Gal, is the home of the dance group, which is the laboratory for movement study and the unique worldview of Adama. This movement is a product of the encounter between the mind and the pelvis as the center of gravity in the human body. It is a search for understanding the power as a fitting force for action, creation, and community – for the residents of the place and for visitors from all over the world. The place fosters local artists and attracts artists, creators, intellectuals from all over the world working in all areas of healing art and movement. We call on young men and women to come and learn to live and create in Sderot and in the area surrounding the Gaza Strip, with the understanding that the space in the periphery is full of opportunities and is open, inviting, and enabling new and authentic creative directions. We allow authentic work at a high artistic level and recognition of the artistic dialogue as a bridge to a deep acquaintance with different cultures.
The Adama Center is a home for artistic / cultural / social discourse that crosses borders and sectors. We believe that a delicate work that connects art / healing / community / movement can nurture a culture based on a sustainable local economy, a culture that is not associated with one view or another but allows the harmonious flow to be present and create a space of creativity, peace, acceptance and expression. The Sderot Adama Dance Center was established by the Municipality of Sderot as part of Mayor Alon Davidi’s plan to promote cultural and artistic tourism in the city
11 Palmach St. Sderot (8 minutes’ walk from Sderot train station)

Teaching Staff

Liat Dror

Teacher/choreographer/artistic director of the movement center Sderot Adama; established the dance group in 1992 and the Adama dance center in 2000. Graduated from the Kibbutz Dance Company in Ga’aton, danced in the Jerusalem Dance Ensemble, studied at the Rubin Academy of Music and Dance in Jerusalem. Won the Bagnolet International Choreography competition in Paris and a choreography prize in Cologne, Her first work “two-bedroom apartment” broke through the world of dance.

Michal Arazi

Graduated with Honors from the Haifa Technion of Landscape Architecture, specializing in Yoga teaching on behalf of the Vingate Institute of Israel. Director of Orit Sangopata, graduate of movement therapy at the Dance Academy in Rotterdam, Holland. Studied in Budapest with Fry Faust, Yoga in Amsterdam with Teresa Caladem; an instructor specializing in teaching circus skills: aerobatics, rope, and trapeze. Teaches movement of consciousness in the Adama center in Sderot and the choreography and movement track at Sapir College.

Tamar Levin

A system and family constellation therapist, movement teacher,
Investigating sense-sessions and somatic movements, dancer and creator Graduated from the Yishai Gaster Academy of Dance
and Systematic Constellation.