Choreography and Movement track

Liat Dror & Nir Ben Gal

The Center for External Studies and Continuing Education at Sapir Academic College
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Course Description and Objectives

As the Western academic / technological world is developing, it seems that learning has become more focused with the intent to acquire specific and defined skills. Considering this, Adama school and the Choreography and Movement Track places particular emphasis on peripheral vision, the ability to see the broad picture, the one that allows the various skills to connect.
A technique at its best including relaxation, observation over execution, performance at a high level alongside consciousness silencing. The ways of learning are of equal importance and significance to the content being learned, knowing that the way we learn will directly affect the way we act as individuals within the society in which we live. The basis for learning is the human movement. Learning involves exploring the natural movement that exists in each and every one of us, what motivates it, how powerful it is, how it relates to our thoughts, our worldview, and its basic ability to provide us with health, strength, and physical and mental strength. Within this range, the personal choice of each and every one of the students, includes enhancing and empowering movement using the world of art and the desire to deepen the personal experience of quieting the mind and learning the delicate coordination between the mental/physical/emotional/spiritual. A new and deep understanding of breathing, and the awareness of the very refined dose of intermingling, controlling, and letting go for performing without crashing, fatigue, and injuries. This is certainly true of the world we came from –

The world of movement and dance, and true to all the different other worlds.

1. Studying a variety of high-level movement techniques
2. Improving physical ability as a performer/dancer
3. Improving the ability to creates as an artist. Choreographer / director / creator
4. Learning how to use technology as a tool that serves the artist
5. Work in the public sphere and in nature
6. Integration of the social and cultural system in the area of Sderot and the Gaza perimeter
7. Processes of healing Self-awareness and quiet of consciousness

Choreography and Movement Course Subjects

Morning lessons / Technique / Motion techniques / Motion theater / Ignition system / Modern contemporary / Movement of consciousness
Movement decomposition and assembly / motion text / energetic moves in motion / floor work / natural movement repertoire / advanced movement variations / performative danger / encounters with a musician / movement with a camera Dance in Nature / Urban Movement / Meetings with Choreographers / Improvisation /
From experience in movement to choreographic construction / individual work / international guest artists / history of choreography
Watching – Analyzing – Experimenting / directing video clips / photography and editing workshop / meetings with lighting / open studio / individual work / artistic accompanying / natural movement and movement therapies / consciousness (Movement Meditation) / body and mind movement / working with a partner / coordinating movement / movement philosophy / creativity in motion / Third year practicum.
Choreography / dancer performing / participates in performances, festivals, and events production;
Experience in dance summits and the creation of artistic clips, acquiring skills in instruction and teaching groups
Combining movement while working with different populations. Experience in creating working relationships in the field.

Location: Movement center Sderot, Adama

The Adama Center, under the direction of Liat Dror and Nir Ben Gal, is the home of the dance group, which is the laboratory for movement study and the unique worldview of Adama. This movement is a product of the encounter between the mind and the pelvis as the center of gravity in the human body. It is a search for understanding the power as a fitting force for action, creation, and community – for the residents of the place and for visitors from all over the world. The place fosters local artists and attracts artists, creators, intellectuals from all over the world working in all areas of healing art and movement. We call on young men and women to come and learn to live and create in Sderot and in the area surrounding the Gaza Strip, with the understanding that the space in the periphery is full of opportunities and is open, inviting, and enabling new and authentic creative directions. We allow authentic work at a high artistic level and recognition of the artistic dialogue as a bridge to a deep acquaintance with different cultures.

The Adama Center is a home for artistic / cultural / social discourse that crosses borders and sectors. We believe that a delicate work that connects art / healing / community / movement can nurture a culture based on a sustainable local economy, a culture that is not associated with one view or another but allows the harmonious flow to be present and create a space of creativity, peace, acceptance and expression. The Sderot Adama Dance Center was established by the Municipality of Sderot as part of Mayor Alon Davidi’s plan to promote cultural and artistic tourism in the city

11 Palmach St. Sderot (8 minutes’ walk from Sderot train station)

Teaching Staff

Liat Dror

Teacher/choreographer/artistic director of the movement center Sderot Adama; established the dance group in 1992 and the Adama dance center in 2000. Graduated from the Kibbutz Dance Company in Ga’aton, danced in the Jerusalem Dance Ensemble, studied at the Rubin Academy of Music and Dance in Jerusalem. Won the Bagnolet International Choreography competition in Paris and a choreography prize in Cologne, Germany.
Her first work “two-bedroom apartment” broke through the world of dance.

Nir Ben Gal

Teacher / choreographer / Adama center CEO / creats and dances and directs with Liat Dror and Ben Gal showed that a pair of independent artists, with an honest statement of a local artists using contemporary choreographic tools, can break into a wider world and gain international recognition. Their international breakthrough was astonishing. Many of the reviews in the world’s top press mentioned them as ambassadors of the new Israeli work. Two-room Apartment and the work they achieved during the next decade were a turning point for a new creative style that was born in Israel, A combination of movement theater with contemporary dance, which created a very Israeli mix connections to the Israeli couple and where they live. Their subsequent behavior in transition from couple work to group settings inspired other preforming couples. Dror and Ben Gal developing as central artists in the next decade, and a model for inspiration and imitation for the next generation of artists.

Michal Arazi

Graduated with Honors from the Haifa Technion of Landscape Architecture, specializing in Yoga teaching on behalf of the Vingate Institute of Israel. Director of Orit Sangopata, graduate of movement therapy at the Dance Academy in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Studied in Budapest with Fry Faust, Yoga in Amsterdam with Teresa Caladem; an instructor specializing in teaching circus skills: aerobatics, rope, and trapeze. Teaches movement of consciousness in the Adama center in Sderot and the choreography and movement track at Sapir College.

Nevo Romano

Artist, creator, studied at the Visual School in Jerusalem and at the Adama School, as an artist, I use the moving body. I perceive movement as the playground of consciousness, the body being its primary training tool. In the center of the stage I place the margins of the body, the physical undergrounds, the physical confusion and compartmentalization.

Niv Sheinfeld and Oren Laor

When we create in the studio, we look again and again at the gap between Acting and Being. On one hand, we explore naturalistic minimalism, and on the other, how and how much we can increase the movement, gesture, voice, and expressiveness that still feels real. We will study different techniques in performance, improvisation, and exploration of the expressive body. How to create movement material from different tasks, sources of inspiration and individual limitations;
How to pour content and meaning into a movement and how to load it in a subtext.

Noa Zamir

Creator and dance instructor with a master’s degree in Choreography and a Motion Analysis Certificate from Lavan College in London.
Her works have been exhibited in various festivals in Israel and Europe. She teaches and accompanies creative processes with a wide range of populations.
She is the co-founder of THE “Mitkashkeshim” project – workshops on improvisation in movement and color. Moves and moves people out of the belief that movement is a tool for personal expression and for making contact with the world, and that movement is able to motivate not only the physical body.

Ofir Yudelevitch

Began studying Capoeira at the age of fifteen and for ten years taught Capoeira and acrobatics. Studied at a dance training workshop in Haifa. After graduating, he worked as an independent dancer with choreographers including Yasmin Goder, Arkadi Zeides, Yossi Berg and Oded Graf, Iris Erez and others. He created ‘Gravitas’ – a work with which he continues to tour Germany, Denmark, Italy, Romania, Hungary, Korea, Hong Kong and England. The work won the first place in the 2016 International Choreography Competition of Shalem Dance. Created ‘Far & Middle’ together with the Chinese choreographer Yang Chan, produced by the Yulidans Festival in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He also created ‘Concrete’, which was performed at the Bat Yam Festival and “Al Emet”, which took place in the Shalem Dance international dance week.
He is currently studying philosophy and art history at the Open University.

Tamuz Binshtock

An interdisciplinary artist with extensive experience in collaborating with media, plastic art and stage artists. (including Keren Levy, Daniel Landau, Genet Ivanova, Jennifer Patterson and others). Her works have been exhibited at events around the world (Melbourne Festival – Australia, Kunsthal Gutenberg – Sweden, Art Museum in Utrecht – Netherlands and more). She wrote an editorial for Ma’akaf an online magazine for dance, performance and visual art.
She is also involved in education, as the Head of the Education and Community in Mobi: Bat Yam Museums.
Graduate the Advanced Arts and Design program at DasArts, Amsterdam, and the Visual Audio Department at the Reitfeld Academy in Amsterdam. She started studying art at the age of five at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.

Elik Niv

Elik studied dance in the Kibbutz Ga’aton workshop. After graduating he danced in the Muse groups under Yossi Tamim, Retigo and Da Da Dance in Rami Levi’s work. In 2005 he moved to Germany and danced at the Statz Theater Oldenburg in the work of Club Guy Veroni and Susanna Linke. In Berlin, he worked with Nir De Wolff’s “Tottel Brutal” and the Comic Theater.
In 2009, he joined the Constanza Makras – Dorki Park, where he served as rehearsal director. Since 2013 he serves as a guest dancer in the Shasa Waltz band. In addition, Elik has been working as an independent chorographer; and since 2014 as a teacher in academies and theaters in Europe and in a dance workshop in Ga’aton.

Lahav Timor

Born in Kibbutz Sa’ad. Graduated with honors from the Theater and Direction Studies program at the Seminar Hakibbutzim. Currently an MA student at Tel Aviv University. He directed the plays: “Mothers Three”, a documentary piece by Lahav Timor, (“Women’s Festival 2018”); “Benghazi Bergen-Belsen”, based on Yossi Sukari’s novel (La Mama Theater in New York); “See the Value Love” by David Grossman (The Library Theater); “Dust and Ashes” by Harold Pinter (Jaffa Theater); “Wolfina Mommy Bloom” by Nurit Zarchi (Theatronato for Children); Assitant Director: “Ish Hasid Haya” (directed by Itzik Weingarten – Haifa theater in cooperation with Habima); “The House of Bernarda Alba” and “The King tends to Die” (directed by Rina Yerushalmi, Seminar Hakibbutzim and Ensemble Itim); In addition, he lectures at the Kibbutzim College of Education in the Theater Studies Direction Department and coordinates the arts and theater trends at the Shaar Hanegev Education Center in the Gaza vicinity.

Diane Gemsch

a professional dancer with more than 13 years of experience in teaching and performing. Her performing career has brought her all over the world, from South Africa to Central and South America, and all over Europe. She has been teaching in different institutions to professionals and amateurs. She graduated with a BA in Modern Dance and physical theater in the Netherlands at Hoogschool voor de Kunsten Tilburg and in Belgium at the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp. She has worked in Berlin at Maxim Gorki Theatre for Armin Petras. In pieces of Constanza Macras she has performed at Schaubühne and Akademie der Künste, Berlin. Amongst others she has worked for Andrea Boll, United-C, Panorama Dance Theatre, Marina Abramovic at Fondation Beyeler and is touring with 3 children productions of Teresa Rotemberg since 2013. Her own work won prices. In 2012 she received the grant of artistic distinction of the city of Zurich. She is continuously studying with various teachers in different dance styles and movement- related practices. Next to her dance training, she is a yoga practitioner and gives Thai massages. Her own investigation in dance and life is represented in her classes, which invite you to improve your coordination and strengthen your inherent musicality, learn how to be more efficient, and teach your system to work with its spirals. Diane aims that her students feel encouraged to more freedom in movement and to broaden their capacities, go beyond their limits, always through the help of imagery. You will be invited to follow her into her perception of movement, dance and life.