The Movement & Dance Center

Sundays at Adama

 21:30-20:00 Roni Schneider –  
classes for women

For details: 0542277955

Lesson for women – to devote time to ourselves, to a meeting with our body. We will practice listening in and out, strengthening and flexibility through the releasing and learning movement materials. In addition, we will learn how to create personal interpretation of the materials studied and will experience free movement. There is no need for previous experience, everyone is welcomed!
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Mondays at Adama

Contact Improvisation with Daniela Kassif
 For details: 0543091003

This is a technique that involves working with one or more partners in order to experience the different possibilities regarding body weight and relationships with gravity when you meet another body in motion. During the practice we will also open each person’s personal dance, strengthen and become flexible in order to increase the freedom we experience in dance!
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Capoeira for Men
with Ariel holin 
 For details: 0506493143

As human beings, it is often necessary for us to be intensive. As men, it is often chosen to express this in the form of movement: sprinting, high jumping, distance thrust are examples of simple motions whose high intensity gives us feelings of satisfaction and pleasure. In the lessons we will dance through various components of physical fitness, such as endurance, strength and coordination, in order to examine how the intensity of movement can be softened to the extent of movement. We will examine how the intensity of the movement can be broken – can certain parts of the body work with a lot of strength, while another move lightly and softly? Above all, we will ask how all these can make our daily movement more conscious.
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Thursdays at Adama

 20:00-18:30  improvisation with Eirad Ben Gal   For details: 0546956190

Improvisation classes will be a combination of theater and movement. We all move all the time and we all exist Movement, when we brush our teeth, when we run to the bus or when we drink coffee.
In the lesson we will try to see how with the permitting space and cool music this movement becomes dance.
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Thursday, May 30 at 20:00 - PANGEA

The piece PANGEA is a feminist dance creation that deals with the creation of solidarity and a female community, explores the idea of a multiplicity of bodies of dance knowledge, and a multiplicity of representations of femininity. It also deals with the private space as opposed to the public space, and offers a renewed look at the feminine presence in these spaces. Choreography: Ayala Frenkel

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Once a month, Thursday, Busy People Course:

May 2, 2019 Thursday
May 22, 2019 Thursday


It’s a course for people who want to dance and connect themselves through movement, through listening to the body – dancing and moving in a group of women and men like us. We call it “Busy People Course” because most of us are very busy (work, livelihood, family, studies) and do not have much free time to devote to ourselves and our pleasures; For this very reason you are invited to give yourself one day of pampering and dancing and fun with added value because we will all renew our strength, joy and sweet and strong abilities.

Thursday from 10:00 to 18:00
For details and sign up: Nir 0545294246

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