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Sderot Adama Movement and Dance Center

Sderot ADAMA is an open house for the local and wider Israeli community and for visitors from abroad. Once the permanent center is constructed, ADAMA will continue to provide fertile ground for creativity, attracting art entrepreneurs and intellectuals from all artistic fields, from across Israel and from overseas.

We cordially invite you to come and experience fascinating artistic innovation in the town of Sderot in the western Negev desert, where creativity, space and opportunities are boundless. The Negev is craving new, creative and authentic dance at the highest artistic level. We are committed to conducting honest, open artistic dialogue and working towards multicultural creativity as a cultural bridge between people.

The annual activities of Sderot Adama movement and dance center include:

  • A school offering classes in dance, martial arts, circus and theater.
  • Activities for children and youth, adults and seniors, including healing, meditation, body language, and other workshops.
  • Dance, theater, and circus performances throughout the year.
  • Lectures, literature, and poetry-reading events, free dance classes and workshops.
  • "Cultural Thursdays" – weekly events to encourage creativity, hosting young aspiring dancers and musicians.
  • Art events, master classes, and jam sessions – to widen art's limits and to attract audiences from all across the country.
  • Seminars for the art and dance departments in high schools, colleges, and universities.
  • Study days for groups with different goals such as hi-tech companies, economic corporations, businesses, non-profit associations, organized groups etc.
  • Activities for people with special needs – rehabilitation groups for abused women, victims of terror, the mentally ill and at-risk youth.
  • Residency programs – hosting artistic creators from Israel and abroad for two-week periods. in exchange for free work space, each artist commits him/herself to art-related volunteer work in the local community.
  • An international dance, movement, and music festival – an annual event that hosts local and national artists. 

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