Sderot Adama Dance Company

Sderot Adama Dance Company

Artistic Directors: Liat Dror & Nir Ben-Gal

Liat Dror and Nir Ben Gal are the co-founders and directors of “Sderot ADAMA” Dance Center, the creative choreographers and managers of “ADAMA Dance Company”, also run the bachelor’s degree in fine arts (BFA) course entitled “Choreography and Movement for Screen and Stage” at Sapir Academic College’s School of Audio and Visual Arts.

Liat and Nir embarked on their common journey at the KCDC (Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company) workshop in Kibbutz Ga’aton; they danced in the Jerusalem Dance Ensemble and studied at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. Their first original piece, “Two-Room Apartment”, was a breakthrough in the world of dance. They expressed a sincere, unique message using contemporary tools alongside strong local influences. They soon became renowned, both in Israel and worldwide. After winning first place at the international “Biennale” choreography competition in Paris, they were invited to countless international festivals and events.

A number of very positive reviews in leading international dance magazines paved their way to becoming ambassadors for Israeli contemporary dance. Their success opened doors in Europe and North America for many Israeli dance companies and heralded a new era in the artistic activity of contemporary dance companies in Israel.

“Two-Room Apartment” and consequent pieces were a turning point for a novel dance style that was created and established in Israel: a combination of movement, theater and contemporary dance that produces a unique Israeli blend. They brought the relationship between themselves and their surroundings to the stage. Their work influenced other dance couples and choreographers in the nineties. In the years that followed, “Two-Room Apartment” and their next piece, “Donkeys”, among other creations, became an inspiration to a new generation of independent creators for whom Liat and Nir were their role models.

Realizing that their success was not enough to allow them artistic freedom and that it was not feasible to develop their art in Tel Aviv at that time, they decided to open a new chapter in their artistic career by relocating to Mitzpe Ramon, a remote town in the Negev mountains. In 2000, they founded a new dance school called “ADAMA Dance Center”. After ten years of success in Israel and abroad, they felt the time was ripe to invest their time, energy, and talent in a different style of dance. In the heart of the Negev desert, they turned their artistic work into an everyday lifestyle. They believed that the art of dance cannot be isolated or separated from life and that they had to find ways to connect it to the wider community and to dance lovers; that real creation has to be disconnected from the competitive and hectic “rat-race”. The heart of the desert with its endless space, sun, and serenity was deemed the right place for renewal and for the desired connection and perfect balance between dance and healing.

In an old ceramics factory, they built a studio, a residence and a visitors’ center and founded their dance therapy school, a dance company, and a variety of workshops for dance, movement, reflection and contemplation. Over the years, they have brought thousands of professional dancers, dance students and dance enthusiasts from all over the country to this remote desert location for exciting festivals and a wide range of dance activities. 

At the beginning of 2016, Liat and Nir relocated the hub of their creative activities to the town of Sderot, in the western Negev, near the Palestinian Gaza Strip, and founded their newest dance center – Sderot ADAMA.

The Company

“All’arrabbiata – a silent heart in a noisy world”

All’arrabbiata means ‘angry salsa’ in Italian. “… Hot & spicy tomato with tangy onion salsa… The spiciness doesn’t dominate the overall flavor, but certainly makes itself felt…”

And so does the dance.

Each one of us is many things. Not always do we succeed in containing or connecting all the parts to engender a clear sense that all of them together form a whole. In this creation, we appeal to the heart, as a connective symbol which pours the life-energy into and out of it, allowing the energy first to become dirty and then clean, full and then empty. The connection between abstract movement and practical movement is created on top of the table in the kitchen, at the heart of our physical home, through which we become connected, dismantled, disappointed, believing, separated and hopeful.

Artistic directors: Liat Dror & Nir Ben-Gal

Choreography: Liat Dror

Music: Klangnomad – I am what I am  \ nu – man o to

Producing & Marketing: Eytan Pe’er

Photos: Amalya Ben-Gal

Sderot Adama dance company, under artistic directors Liat Dror & Nir Ben Gal, is creating, working, and performing in the southern town of Sderot, near Israel’s border with the Gaza Strip.

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