Sderot-Adama Festival

Passover ADAMA Festival

In traditional Japanese esthetics, WABI-SABI (侘寂) is a world view centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection. The sthetic is sometimes described as a natural temporary and incomplete beauty, one that is not perfect.
WABI-SABI can be defined as a full esthetic system.
This system combines the Principle of existence (metaphysics),
Sacred knowledge (spirituality), Emotional well being (feeling), Behavior (ethics),
and the Appearance and texture of objects (materialism).
An esthetic system is more useful once its components are more clearly defined, as it contains more conceptual tools, and as it relies in many different ways on its principals.

Passover ADAMA Festival will take place on 21-24 April 2019.
Between 21-22/4 ADAMA Center will become a creative space for artists and
students, cooperating to create in those 48 hours.
Starting 22/4 evening until 24/4 night, these creations will be presented.
Throughout the four days, various workshops will allow every man and woman to
touch movement, color, sound, word,
and create together a space embracing the essence of WABI-SABI, while seeing
the reality as it is inside us, and us inside Sderot.

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